Why “pinksakura”?

Sakura flowers I photographed in Japan

Why use this name for my webpage?  Just like most people who have visited Japan/ seen a sakura IRL, I’ve fallen for the cherry blossom flower (sakura in japanese) and they’re mainly pink in colour. They only appear once a year and there’s a festival dedicated to it in Japan. If i have to compare it to Australia, I’ll say it’s like Japan’s “Australia Day!” When I was in Japan during the cherry blossom season, families and friends would gather for a picnic under the blossom trees and there’s fireworks at night! In some places, there are food fairs/stalls set up in the park too!

The blossom also represents the fragility of life. So, make the most of yours as you only live once! (except to those who believe in reincarnation) :P


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